Yoga Photoshoot {January 4th, 2015}


For the first time in my photography career I got to photograph a model who does yoga. It was so much fun! Laura is so stunning and being able to watch her as she got into incredible poses made me appreciate yoga all the more. I had never seen yoga done in person before so the processes were entirely interesting! 

Colleen, the one who put all this together, is also a photographer! She has so graciously modeled for me many times in the past too. I love being around her and seeing her work!

Laura situated herself on some rocks to begin with, laid out her mat, put on some peaceful music, and we began! I loved being able to sit back and let Laura do her thing. As a photographer we are used to be directive, but I never said a word. (except when I was amazed at how she could bend herself, hah!) 

Today was a wonderful day, and a great opportunity to photograph something new!

Shelby RobinsonComment