Apple Hopping {September 25th 2015}


Fall is quickly approaching, and unlike many years in the past, I want to actually remember it the beauty that I so often forget to see. And by remembering, I want to venture to see the colors and experience autumn's touch this upcoming season. 

It has been years since I have been to an apple orchard. (I was probably 7 or so..if that!) Lately I have wanted to go so badly. I mentioned to Jenni and Kelsey, and they were totally on board with the idea of going. (They are awesome!) 

I woke up that day to a cool, cloudy look that had just a whisper of fall in every breeze. If you don't know me, this is absolutely my favorite kind of day. Those gloomy rainy days? Those are the ones I always hope for! The colors are much more vibrant, and lighting is always perfect. Seeing and feeling these aspects of our apple orchard day were so exciting for me as a person. As a photographer, well I was all but jumping all over the place! 

We began our trip with a peaceful trip up jamming out to old Disney songs. What a way to start a magical day, huh? 

Next, we headed up to Hillcrest Orchards . They were quite lovely, but wouldn't allow you to pick your own apples during weekdays. (it was Friday) So because there are about 50 (dramatically rounded) other apple places in this one area, we decided to stop at which ever ones we'd come across!  

But just before then, I decided I wanted a caramel apple. That's it! I mean, that's a pretty simple desire in a place where apples literally are at every corner, right?? 


3 apple orchards... nothing! They had everything apple you can imagine.. BUT the caramel kind! 

However, among our apple adventure (and my caramel crisis) we discovered that BJ Reece Orchards allowed people to pick your own apples that day. So we quickly jumped in on it! After being greeting by a sweet little cow, some crazy chickens, and a tiny goat we ventured out into the rain kissed fields.  

It was entirely beautiful, and we rain around and laughed like we were kids again. It is amazing to have friendships as I do with these ladies. The kind were you can completely be yourself and laugh till your sides are aching. (..and falling on the ground because you can't breathe) No matter how old we get, we never forget that child-like joy we experience around each other. They are a blessing to me, and I am so grateful God placed them in my lives. 

We left the fields and ventured out to a few more stops - one being Aaron Family Orchard. This was my last (desperate) chance for my caramel treat. You can probably guess what they didn't have... 

I decided to ask the owner where I could find one of these rare sweets, and he paused for a second to think. At this point I knew I was out of luck..

But because God works in wondrous ways, this shopkeeper told us to give him 30 minutes, and he would whip up his grandmother's caramel apple recipe just for us. 

WHAT?? When does that happen? Not often!!

If you haven't realized by now, I have a slight sweet tooth. So I was beyond ecstatic. 

We hung around while we waited - laughed, talked, and continued to enjoy our time together. The shopkeeper showed us his chicken coop that had some really pretty and unique birds in it. (Does that sound random? Yeah, it was for us too) 

Soon after the caramel apples were ready! They were sliced up with homemade caramel poured on top. I was a little confused at first until I took my first bite. 

Then I was confused on why I had never had this before in my life...

It was once of the best caramel apple treats I have ever had! ...I might have asked the shop owner if I could drink the caramel with a straw. (I was joking! I think...)  He then offered us a couple more free apple treats for liking and sharing his Facebook page, and it was all just such a fun experience! 

And that is how we ended our apple hopping... a wonderful treat made just for us, and wonderful memories to carry with us. How great were we blessed? 

...immensely and so thankful for it..


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