When in Rome... {Oct. 30th - Nov. 1st}

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This past weekend I got to spend time with one of my good friends, who I have known since middle school, and it was an absolutely blessing! She attends Shorter University in Rome, GA, so we took on many beautiful aspects that town has to offer.

We begin on Friday evening driving to Georgia Tech for a costume themed swing dance get together. I am definitely not one for dancing, as I have no rhythm, however I had so much fun and would so be up for it again!

After a well-earned sleep, we woke up on Saturday and decided to spend the day exploring Berry College.  I have been to Berry with Megan before, but something about this day – whether it was the fall colors, the perfect overcast sky, or just the immense peace I felt, everything absolutely amazing (more then usual) and made me wish I could have attended some of my schooling there.

We started off at the original entrance to the college – The Gate of Opportunity. The long alleyway of trees were incredibly surreal to see, and I was a happy camper taking pictures of it! We took our time walking about the main campus finding beautiful autumn elements and historic pieces.

Next was the Old Mill, which is always a favorite of mine. I had never seen it around autumn peak and it blew my expectations away. The leaves on the water…the colors…the light… oh it was all perfect!

Continuing on our explorations we hit Possum Trout Church, which is one of the oldest building on the campus. It was the very first schoolhouse Martha Berry discovered and established. You could just feel the history within the woodwork, and could imagine how many footsteps that ground has carried. How incredible it is to witness such a thing.

The rest of the day was spent at the popular Berry landmarks.. Frost Chapel, Ford Hall, and many other places.  The amount of peace I felt through God’s wonders were absolutely incredible. That day was such a blessing.

Sunday, the last day, was spent hiking around Shorter finding treasures and beauties. We actually went back to Berry so I could take a couple of conceptual photos at a few locations we found. (you must be prepared to take these if you hang around me hehe!)

This weekend was such a reminder to always seek peace it little moments – to remember that peace and carry it with you always. How blessed am I to be reminded through wonderful friendship, beautiful surroundings, and little whispers passed along through such things. God is wonderful! 

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