A Weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Early July of this year we ventured upon a trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains to a free stay at a cabin. You saw that right... FREE! My dad's work rewarded him with some time off at a location of our choice since he has been working so hard lately. Yes, we were all so blessed! 

So we chose this cabin, and boy did we choose wisely! It was incredibly gorgeous, and the view from the back porch absolutely blew my mind no matter how many times I saw it. It faced east,  as you can ultimately see from images below, we had the best sunrise view. And God sure did not disappoint every morning! 

We explored different parts of this cute little Blue Ridge town each night, and even spent one day white water rafting! It was our first time, and we ended beating all the other boats and never getting stuck.  Oh, how we loved it! (The soreness, not so much..but it was worth it!) 

Then we'd end our days soaking in the hot tub conveniently located on the back porch, gazing out into the millions of stars that made up the tail end of the Milky Way. 

I was in photographer's paradise! 

This trip reminded me how grateful I am for the family I have been blessed with, and just how peaceful this world can be when you find little moments that make you smile. God surly did wonders when He created this world, and I am so thankful for every bit of it!

Shelby Robinson1 Comment