Photo created by: Robert Cornelius Photography


Shelby Robinson is a 23-year-old, self-taught photographer who has been pursing photography for 5 years. She loves exploring the artistic side of photography. In her images she strive to tell a story through pose or atmosphere so that a viewer may become engaged or feel apart of that image.

Her fine art imagery consists of a dreamy feel, and has even been described to look almost painting-like. The foundation of her style consists of a fantasy aura or theme that strongly reflects her personal thoughts, stories, or feelings. She loves the use of color and often apply it in order to create a soft, whimsical flow throughout an entire image. 

In 2016, she graduated with a bachelors degree in business adminisrtraion in marketing from The University of North Georgia.

Photography by Avery Lynn Photography

Photography by Avery Lynn Photography

She also has experience in wedding and portrait photography; you may find examples through out this site. If you are interested in booking  a shoot you may email Shelby to discuss further details!

Thank you!